Grapes are the most popular fruit in the World. Grapes are naturally classified as berries, known as “angoor” in India. Grapes are delicious berries with a sweet flavour that grows in the woody vines. This tasty and healthy fruit has a special place among the people. Grapes are the most demanding fruit in summers, they are juicy and healthy. This delicious fruit helps to maintain pH level. Grapes are a great source of many nutrients and are very beneficial. Famous Indian medicine scholars, Sasruta and Charaka in their medical treatises entitled ‘Sasruta Samhita’ and ‘Charaka Samhita’, respectively, written during 1356-1220 BC, mentioned the medicinal properties of grapes.

Grapes are available in many varieties and colours such as black, white, red, etc.

Grape is grown under a variety of soil and climatic conditions in three distinct agro-climatic zones, namely, sub-tropical, hot tropical and mild tropical climatic regions in India.

India is listed in the top 10 grape – producing countries in the World. About 80% of the production comes from Maharashtra, followed by Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The fruit ranks fifth among fruit crops in India.

Production of different varieties of grapes in India is as follows:

  • Anab-e-Shahi (white, seeded)
  • Bangalore Blue Syn. Isabella (black, seeded)
  • Bhokri (white, seeded)
  • Flame Seedless (red, seedless)
  • Gulabi Syn. Muscat Hamburg (purple, seeded)
  • Perlette (white, seedless)
  • Sharad Seedless – A mutant of Kishmish Chorni (black, seedless)
  • Thomson Seedless and its mutants (white, seedless)

Approximately 85 percent of the total production, irrespective of the variety, is consumed as fresh. Remaining production is used as raisins (dried grapes), crushed to make juice, and to process into wine.

* Availability – seasonal (Feb, March, April).