NA90 AC HVAC Filter Self-Sanitizing Coating is a result of the latest nano-particle and polymer science. The patented nano-active coating can be applied to filters in split AC, cassette, window and commercial air conditioning systems to create an invisible protective barrier to deliver fresh, germ-free and odour-free breathable air year-round.

Key Features

  • Enjoy fresh, odourless germ-free air every day.
  • 4-in-1. Kills virus, bacteria, fungi and mold. Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-mold.
  • Effective up to 24 months.
  • Works on ACs, HVACs & Air Purifiers. Ideal for all AC / Purifier systems.
  • Kills 99.9% germs on contact.
  • Do-it-Yourself. Easy application.

Product Highlights

Do you know cold and dry air increases viral infection rates? Air-conditioned air can lead to higher levels of infection due to low humidity and colder temperatures. NA90 AC HVAC AIR FILTER PROTECTION now gives you the power to gift to give you and your family clean breathable air free of germs and infections. NA90 was specifically created to stop the colonization of infection causing germs in the air conditioning system. The NA90 nanocoating once applied continuously kills a wide range of infection causing germs with 99.9% effectiveness for up to a period of 24 months. The thin nanocoating film ensures smooth and clean air flow and peace of mind while you live, sleep and work. NS90’s nanotech formula makes it friendly to humans, pets and plants.

Note: 1 Litre can coat up to 8-10 standard 1 Tonne AC filters.

Certified for Efficacy

NA90 has undergone rigorous testing under international standards including ISO (international), JIS (Japan), EN (EU) and AATC (USA). It is proven to kill a broad spectrum of germs including virus, bacteria, fungus and mold.

How it works

The NA90 Air Filter Self-Sanitizing Disinfectant contains a clever combination of metal nanoparticles and on-migratory cationic disinfectant, that binds to the air filter surface it is coated on. On contact, this thin film inactivates virus RNA and bacterial DNA genome, making the germs harmless and unable to multiply. Because of its very small sized nano-particles (hence the name “nano”), the surface coating kills germs at very low concentrations. This unique feature makes it safe with very low cytotoxicity. Once applied NA90 Air Filter Self-Sanitizing Disinfectant nano-coating can remain active on the surface for up to 24 months with proper care.


  1. Wash and clean filter surface
  2. Apply NA90 with sprayer or brush
  3. Let dry 2-3 hours at 30º C